Hair Away

The hair removal brand Hair Away offers more than thirty years of quality, experience and service excellence to its clientele. Its mission is to supply innovative and professional quality depilatory wax products that answer customers specific needs, all the while offering efficient and amicable customer service. Hair Away offers all types of hair removal products available on the market. This includes sugar based cold wax, resin based lukewarm wax as well as stripless hard wax made with bees wax. 

At its beginning in 1969, Hair Away launched the innovative Epil Minute on the market, a sugar based wax paste washable with water. In 1972, Hair Away launches resin based lukewarm wax on the Canadian market. This format still remains the most popular among beauty professionals. In 1975, Hair Away launches the practical ready-to-use sugar waxing strips on the market. This format is one of the most popular based on its ease of use and cleanliness. Following these developments, Hair Away continues to innovate in order to offer new and practical product types that answer its clients current needs. The Research and Development Department regularly develops specific formulations for various combinations of hair and skin types in order to optimize waxing and lessen pain. 

The characteristics of the Hair Away line are:

  • Professional quality products.
  • Efficient and amicable customer service.
  • Products proudly made in Canada.
  • Products not tested on animals.