Hair Away Satin Lukewarm Wax Argan Oil


Silky in application, this wax is enriched with argan oil and is ideal for sensitive skin types and strong hair. It provides efficient traction to remove the hair without excess pull on the skin. Washable with oil, it will provide you with salon quality performance. In a large economical format, it will enable you to carry out several waxing sessions. In addition, the presence of the thermometer strip will allow you to adjust the temperature of the wax for optimal comfort and safety. This wax is usable with cotton, pellon and honeycombed waterproof strips.

  • Enriched with argan oil
  • Silky application
  • For strong hair and sensitive skin
  • Washes off with oil
  • Microwaveable
  • Economical and practical format
  • Integrated thermometer to check temperature
  • Code: 800162
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